Art of Taco

September isn’t done yet and I just have a new blogpost to share! Yay! September also happens to be my brother’s birth month and this Tuesday is his birthday. So, we decided to have an early celebration since the coming weeks would be a hectic examination schedule at school.

Right after the morning service on Sunday, we headed to SM Light. My dad initially wanted to buy cheese but we ended up eating there. We ate at Art of Taco, because we love Mexican food and specifically burritos! 😛 If you have been reading my previous blogs on food, you might notice the pattern of looking for the perfect replacement for Mexicali’s burrito. ^_^


We ordered chicken burritos, beef tacos, and chicken fajitas. My dad, me and brother had the burritos, my mum had the tacos (though I had some too), and the fajitas were my brother’s as well. We go big with Mexican meals! 🙂


Suave, Picante and Muy Picante

We enjoyed the burrito and I personally loved it! Though it was different from Mexicali’s but it was good, especially with their medium spicy (picante) sauce. My dad raved about it and it was a huge 8 inch burrito too. It was filling and I am glad to have shared it, because I doubt I could finish it all.


The tacos tasted like the usual, though I love the extra cheese going on. While the fajitas, kind of had a sad presentation, but the chicken itself tasted good.


The whole store had the Mexican vibe ongoing with it red hot chairs, orange-ish walls, amber lights and a Mexican hats.


Overall, Art of Tacos is a nice place to try out Mexican dishes. They serve big here and we loved it! Art of Tacos is located at the second floor of SM Light Mall.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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