Brick Burger Birthday

First of, I just want to greet Sunny (my boyfriend) a happy, happy birthday! Like all birthdays, it should be celebrated with FOOD! Haha. Yes, that is why we get fat, but hey it’s a celebration, right?? 😀 So, for a simple and memorable one, we decided to go out for a birthday dinner (September 29) at a new restaurant near our place at the Hampton Gardens Condominium.

Brick Burger. The first LEGO-themed restaurant here in the Philippines (according to If you love those colorful toy bricks and the movie, then you will certainly enjoy this place as well. I find it unique and creative of the owner to recreate the LEGO bricks in burgers. They look so cute! I wonder if I could construct a house out of those burger bricks. Hehe


They have a quite affordable range of meals from burgers to pasta and chicken that kids and kids at heart will enjoy. The service staff were really nice and attentive, currently the store is always filled in line of people wanting to try out this cool, colorful place. Btw, they offer Just for Laugh Gag shows which are hilariously addicting. 😛

Here are the photos of what transpired that night:


Lego-themed walls.


Behold, the cast of Lego The Movie


Just an ordinary day in Pinoy Legoland


Replica of the meal

A LOTR Lego set!! Waaaah!!!

Galadriel says, “Hi”


Hulk Buster
Emmet Burger



Overall: I personally enjoyed my Emmet Burger, I love the juicy, beefy patty *drools*. As for the fries, they were quite a few while the platter was quite big. 😦 Sunny didn’t like the Hulk Buster’s sauce that much, he actually gave me the beef patties which I enjoyed. 😛 But he sure did love the presentation. As for the drinks, I only drank mine which isn’t your usual Red Ice Tea, I could taste the strong cherry flavor which is fine by me.

Nevertheless, be the judge of the place itself and their food. I highly suggest that you bring the whole family or barkada to enjoy a good chatter and meals. I would like to go back and try their pasta and chicken meals as well. ^_^ So drop by Hampton Gardens Condominiums Arcade in Pasig City and give Brick Burger a try!

Brick Burger Facebook

Merci beaucoup et à bientôt!

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