Hello there! Before November ends, I would like to share another blog post about food. Hehe. This time is about a Japanese restaurant near our place called, Arakawa. I have passes by this place numerous times every day and often wondered when will I be able to try theirs. I am quite glad that my kuya treated me for an early dinner here. The moment he saw Arakawa, he immediately asked if I wanted to eat and like any unashamed, food loving girl :-P, I obliged. 🙂

When we entered the restaurant, there were no other customers, so we had the place to ourselves. 🙂 The whole restaurant was filled with Japanese paintings and even had tiny Japanese figurine dolls above the counter. It was cool and quaint. 🙂 The staff were also all smiles and handed us the menu immediately. I scoured for the usual “no pork” ramen and ordered their Kaiso Ramen. My two other kuyas ordered differently, but I wasn’t able to take photos of it.




Aside from the ramen, my kuya made me try sashimi. I never really liked sashimi or the thought of eating sashimi. But as soon as I dipped it on wasabi and soy sauce, it was yummy! I never thought that my perception on sashimi would change. I’m glad they made me try it. 🙂 Overall, I like the sashimi best, I still like ramen but not the seafood kind though. Perhaps I should try their donburis next time. ^_^ In case you have Japanese cravings, try Arakawa which is just along C. Raymundo, Pasig City!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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