iMovie + Trailer

Hello there! We are so getting near the #LesVoyagesdesNica series. Yes, another travel blog for you my dear readers. 🙌🏼 ☺️ But this time, I decided to let you know where by making my first ever iMovie Trailer. This was encouraged by my best friend and fellow blogger, Chen from

She also encouraged me to vlog! 😜  Quite a daunting task for a camera shy (ehem 😝 ) person like me. But I do hope I can make that vlog for our travel. I will keep you guys posted here or in Youtube. Yikes! 😱 Does this mean I’ll venture out vlogging for good? Nah, just trying out new things for the coming New Year. 🎉 Plus, I really can’t commit full time, but I’ll try.

For the trailer, I used the iMovie app here on my iPhone. I was struggling at first but I am glad to pull it through. Though it is certainly not as cinematic as those experienced vloggers or Hollywood cinematographers. Haha. So, don’t judge me, but as always constructive criticisms are welcome. 👍🏼


Merci beaucoup et á bientôt! 

Watch out for the #LesVoyagesdesNica in my Instagram account. 



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