Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse

Last Sunday, I shared how we got our Korean Tourist Visa and today, we are going through our 4 day trip in South Korea 🇰🇷 by 3 parts. Plus, I’ll be posting a 2 part video 🎥📽linked on the next blog post and in Youtube of our SoKor fun, which I painstakingly made via iMovie. Haha! I hope y’all would at least like it👍🏼. This is actually the shortest trip we ever had since I started the #LesVoyagesdesNica in Instagram. Not that I’m starting some “movement” but I’d just like to categorize my IG travel posts, so you can easily find them too. Heehee.

Shortest, because there were 7 of us travelling, which means it’ll be more expensive and the 3 who would be joining us are my grandparents. If you have read my previous travel posts, you probably noticed that we love walking and taking the cheapest routes and places to stay as much as possible. Being with my grandparents means, we couldn’t walk as fast paced as before, since we need to assist them and be mindful of them as well. Another reason is the winter season in South Korea, in which we all have to prepare well. Staying more than those 4 days, might get them sick, since we all aren’t used to -2°C and below.😱🤧🤒😷

In this blog, let us talk of the Guesthouse we stayed in Korea. We stayed at the Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse, which was the cheapest place we scouted from both Tripadvisor and Kimchee Guesthouses are budget-friendly places to stay for travelers and backpackers alike. They have 5 branches in the areas of Gangnam, Hongdae, Sinchon/Edae & Busan. They offer dormitories and private rooms, free internet, a common lounge, laundry, kitchen, shared bathrooms and such.

We stayed in the Sinchon branch, it is considered their largest branch. It is also near the Hongkik University Station and Sinchon Station. It is at the center of trendy cafes and youthful vibes surrounding Hongdae-Sinchon. From here we booked online a 4 bed private room with a shared bathroom. This meant we’ll be using a public bathroom with the other guests, but we’ll be staying in a private room. We got mixed up thinking it was our own private shared bathroom. But it’s okay, we can adapt to changes. Hehe. ☺️

Right after booking with, the Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse, immediately sent an email to confirm our stay, indicating that this is a book now and pay later reservation. The payment will enter on December 16, which was a month long time to think whether you would push through. But of course, we didn’t cancel, hehe.



‼️*Note: Take a screenshot of your Hostel/Hotel’s address and phone number as it is needed in the Visa Application form and the Arrival Card before entering Korea*‼️

We arrived pretty late in South Korea and catched the last train leaving going to Hongkik University. Thankfully, Incheon Airport has a direct route there. From the station, we walked and even had a minor accident of my grandma slipping face forward. 😱Thank goodness, she wasn’t badly hurt, though she did scraped her knee. Outside the station, we used the map given by Kimchee Sinchon (as seen above) to locate the place, as it was late and quite dark already. We were also starving and had to buy instant noodles for our first “Korean” dinner.





Arriving in Sinchon, we were expecting the reception to be 24/7 open. But it wasn’t, we all thought we were going to end up sleeping on the street. But they do leave your key number along with the guest’s name on the counter. Just pick it up and off you go to your room. But then you have to show up by 9am the next day to pay for the key deposit and complete your check in.



What we didn’t know was that the Guesthouse only had stairs, they had no elevators. So we had to go in two groups (remember we have 3 senior citizens, 4 baggages plus 7 hand carry bags) 😩. My dad and brother carried all baggages from the 1st to the 5th floor. Yes, our room was on the 5th floor. While I stayed up to place them on the respective rooms and guard them as well. My mom had to assist two grandmas and my grandpa in going up, but right after dad and my brother were done, they helped as well.






It was teamwork indeed! Haha. The private rooms were placed on the highest floor, so we really had no choice. Anyway, it was good exercise! Haha. Right now, I’ll be showing you the rooms we availed and other amenities involved:


The elders slept on the lower bunks, while we took down the mattresses on the floor to sleep on. It was way better! 😪😴







The common area, where a smoking room is also available. Kitchen, utensils and plates are free to use, just wash them after. They have a laundry and the lounge area. The shelves are where the residents place their food. Kind of like a food storage. They clean the shelves every week though.


Shared bathroom. Each floor had two toilets and two shower rooms. Male restrooms are on the 1st and 4th floor. The female restrooms are on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th floors.




Information, a list of house rules and a discount promo for bloggers.


Be sure to buy a universal adapter for your devices. You may buy at the reception and it costs 5,000KRW.


Airconditioners are turned off during the cold winter months. But you may use their mosquito repellant provided in each room.


The Guesthouse during the day.


The street across the guesthouse by day.


Reception by day.


A selfie from the whole fam! Off to a day’s adventure.

Overall, our stay in the Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse was comfortable 👍🏼👌🏼. Even if we had to climb the stairs daily and use a common bathroom, it was fine by us. We adapted and even had good nights of blissful rest. Plus, their staff were really accommodating and assistive to our questions. Special shout out to Jay and Johnny! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

If you ever need a budget-friendly place to stay in South Korea and won’t mind sharing a bathroom then Kimchee Guesthouse is the place for you.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

P.S. The next blogpost will contain the video of the part 1 of our trip. 🎥📽


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