South Korea Adventure 2.0

We are now on the Day 2 of adventure and this time it’s Everland wonderland! My dad chanced upon a poster in our Guesthouse that sells discounted tickets to both Everland and Lotte World. Both are known theme parks in South Korea, the difference is that Everland is more of an outdoor park while Lotte World is more of an indoor park. Originally, Everland sells their one day tickets for 52,000KRW for Adults, and for children it is 41,000KRW. While Lotte World sells 52,000KRW for Adults, 45,000KRW for teens, 42,000KRW for children and 13,000KRW for infants.

But the Guesthouse is tied up with the park and they offer a discounted price of 37,000KRW per person. My dad in all excitement told me and my brother, and so off we bought the tickets at the reception. They just phoned the park and asked us to pay in cash. After 10 minutes, they handed us 7 tickets. We were told that Everland’s Shuttle bus is available in the Sinchon area and that it leaves at 9am.

We were tempted to grab the bus option. But we sleep in a bit and the fact that we couldn’t walk in a hurried pace with our elders in tow. Plus we wanted to eat a hearty meal in the two ajumma’s place, we then chose the train option. This is however the longest train ride I ever had in my life. I will share the routes we took going to and back at the end. Also another vlog is posted at the end and linked on Youtube.

Here is how our day began…

Right after a hearty breakfast from the two ajumma’s place, we walked to the station with my grandpa held my grandma’s hand and they walked along. So sweet!


The everyday train ride. Haha
My readers, behold my impromptu photographer and annoying brother. Heehee


Such view!
Just one more train ride!


The usual photo op
And selfie!
Free Shuttle Bus


Here we go!


I regretted this ride ever…


A must try ride here in Everland. The T-express, the only roller coaster made of wood and the steepest in South Korea.


This is it!


Look at those beams!
Almost all the walls in each ride have some sort of vandalism in it. 

That ride was the most scariest but enjoyable ride of my life. I cannot say exactly or explain how, but it was one unforgettable moment to try the T-express. My brother wanted to take another swing but the line was too long. So we went to another area of the park.



Right after this ride, it started drizzling, at this point my grandparents were all freezing and we had to go home. My grandma Ruth had to change jackets with my mother to stop her chilling. d0367471-0cd3-4883-a78a-39353c7ee9aa

And here we are at the station, all bundled up. The park closed earlier too due to the rain.


Of course, vanity strikes!

When we arrived Hongik Station it was pouring, Dad had to buy us umbrellas and we all walked hurriedly in the the two ajumma’s place for a warm dinner.

Ramen so good!
Gimbap! Yum

That day was fun and chilly. My grandpa complained of the cold as it was windy and rainy at the same time. It poured the whole night and some in the morning after which made this last leg of our trip, extra cold. But they sure enjoyed the scenery of the mountains and the colorful remaining leaves on some trees.

How we got there:
Hongik University Station (Line 2-Green Line) => Seolleung (Line 2-Green Line) change station to Bundang Line-Yellow Line => Giheung (change station to Light Green Line-Yongin Everline) =>Jeondae-Everland Station

From Jeondae-Everland Station go down to the Parking Lot and there is a free Shuttle going to the Everland Theme Park. The last bus leaves from the Park to the station at 10pm.

25 stations from Hongik to Seolleung + 22 stations from Seolleung to Giheung + 14 stations from Giheung to Jeondae-Everland Station

How we got back:
Jeondae-Everland Station (Yongin Everline) => Giheung (change to Yellow line-Bundang line) => change line Suwon Station (Dark Blue line-Line 1) => Sindorim Station (change to Green line-Line 2) => Hongik Station (Line 2-Green Line).

14 stations from Jeondae-Everland to Giheung + 8 stations from Giheung to Suwon + 15 stations from Suwon to Sindorim + 5 stations from Sindorim to Hongik.

For more details click the link provided:
Everland Theme Park
Lotte World

And here is the video for the Day 2 adventure!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

P.S. My third and last post for South Korea will be delayed from the usual one day apart posting due to our family vacation/reunion in my Mother’s hometown. 


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