Challenging Myself

Hello there! Quick question, who here has read my blogpost last 2016? The Fitness Goals??? Hahaha. I know, I know I haven’t been faithful on that year and just after a week or so I lapsed. Anyhoots, it is always good to have a partner in your fitness journey to be inspired and motivated to push your limits. I guess, I have my cousin and a dear friend who joined me with challenge to thank for. Hehehe.

So, I am writing my first weekly challenge to take off sweets and rice on my diet. I would substitute my rice to some sweet potatoes or “saba bananas” or cardava bananas. But if there is no available substitute for rice, then eating the viand will do good. Tomorrow is the start of the first week and I will post weekly photos my meals as a proof that I didn’t cheat.

A side note: I will not starve myself on this challenge but will still enjoy a little bit of this and that. This is up until I get used to the situation. You should know that in a Filipino diet, rice is a staple. So this is truly a challenge for me, my cousin and my friend. I hope to make it this week and see you next Saturday!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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