First Taste: Taco Bell

Hello there! This is a two days late post from last Sunday’s family lunch. Usually, when we don’t have any viand left at home, we eat out and this time we wanted to try out the new mall near SM Megamall called the Ayala Malls the 30th.

It was quite a huge place as compared to how it looks on the outside. Oh well, at least we have a new place to gallivant in case we get bored at Megamall. But this post is definitely not about the mall rather about a well known fast food chain in the US that I saw for the first time in the PH! 😍  TACO BELL *drools*

I was really ecstatic that we should try it out. Haha! Apparently on their site they have 4 stores already. Guess, I was a bit late. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop me since I saw their burrito menu and that sold me out to give it a try!



You wait for the number on the receipt to flash on the mini screen at the counter. Also clean your own table. 

We tried out their burrito with rice, hard tacos and quesadillas.


The tacos were a bit bland for my taste
Quesadillas are two thumbs up!

I love love love the burritos. ❤️

Yup, a bitten burrito. 

Overall: It wasn’t a bad experience. In fact we had a take out burrito and got a free one because we did the survey online. Haha. I’ll definitely go back for those burritos. 🤤

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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