This post is long overdue as I have seemingly forgotten about it. The section of the blog, seemed to be forgotten too. Haha. I have noticed that most of my posts are related to food, which probably explains my widening waistline (of which I am trying to combat). Ugh. 😩 So, let’s get off food for a while and stick to books (hopefully, I can do that).

When J.K. Rowling released the latest of the Harry Potter series, every Potterhead in all corners of the world went cray cray. That includes me! Although, I am quite the poor definition of Potterhead. As I have not read any single HP book, which I promise to amend. 🖖 (Speaking of which, I am on the 6th Book)

Though my clumsy excuse was that I watch and rewatched all the movies. 🤓🤓🤓 I enjoyed every last bit of it and even dreamt of Voldemort at times (in a frightening way, of course). 😱😱😱

Allow me to share you some bits of  J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. ⚡️⚡️⚡️


*Disclaimer: To do those who haven’t read the book and wouldn’t want to get any spoilers. I suggest you stop right here and start reading the book. If however, you wish to continue, do so at your own risk.*

First off, this isn’t the typical book like the previous HP books you probably have read. This book is actually a script, a playwright of the theatrical act that was performed a year or so ago in London. It acquired lots of criticisms from some HP fans regarding the casting and how they didn’t look like the movie actors who played them on film.

Nevertheless, it is a big hit in the UK and all over the globe of Potterheads. 🎉🎉🎉 I find it actually interesting which really made me delve into the first seven books to get a more clearer picture of who, where, what, why and how did all of this happened.

The main characters are of course, Harry’s son Albus Severus Weasley Potter. We all saw him in the end of the movie when his dad, gave him a tiny bit of advice regarding his fear of being placed in the House of Slytherin. Apparently, he did end up there much to the chagrin of his siblings and cousins.

He, however in such a weird circumstance became close to Scorpius Greengrass Malfoy. Not just close, but best of friends. Though, Scorpius had his father, Draco’s looks, he had his mother’s kind heart and tolerance with Muggles and non-wizard folk. Also, he wasn’t the bullying type like his forefathers were in Hogwarts. He and Albus where the subject of ridicule. Stemming from the rumor that Scorpius might be the son of Voldemort.

It was funny to read how the tables have turned for the Malfoy folk. I would presume that if Draco’s old self would see his son falling head over heels for Albus’ cousin, Rose Granger Weasley, he would’ve preferred to die. But, all is well.

Draco was more tolerable and understanding having gone through so much shame and pain from the ideology of pureblood supremacy. Harry on the other hand, was a very known wizard and his fame was rubbing onto his son Albus who happened to inherit his father’s appearance. Which caused a great deal of strain to both.

Most of the original characters where in the Cursed Child as well. From Neville being teacher, to Diggory’s dad, to some surviving Death Eaters. But the main story involved a magical artifact that at the height of that period was being  destroyed. The time-turner. Harry was, if I remembered correctly, one of those tasked to do so. He, however had one left and confiscated by Hermione.

Aside from the time-turner was Mr. Amos Diggory badgering Harry to use it to save his son Cedric during that dreadful event at the Triwizard Tournament. Then we also meet a new character, Delphini Diggory (who really was Delphini Riddle). Daughter of the Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange. I really wondered, how in the world would Voldemort even thought of it when he really didn’t know what love is like.

I mean, he wanted all power to himself. Though he did regard Bellatrix as his most faithful servant, and I am pretty sure that Bellatrix would be fangirling over that fact that she and her Master had a tryst. Haha!

I also kept wondering of her husband, Rodolphus. Well, maybe they never really cared for each other and are only bonded for the sake of pure blood marriage and their dark desire to serve Voldemort. But, let us not dwell on that.

Delphini had that desire to go back and save her father from the very beginning. Before Voldemort’s first fall, when he tried to kill Potter as a baby. She wanted to stop her father to prevent it all from happening and retain his power. But like all, her plan failed, by the two most unlikely heroes named Scorpius and Albus.

Through the book, we see the disastrous effects of one meddling with time. There were different timelines with the most disastrous effects, one resulting to the death of a Hogwarts’ student. Eventually all was restored with Delphini captured and thrown in Azkaban. While Harry and his son finally settling their issues. It was nice to read of Draco helping out Potter and fighting together for their children’s lives.

Overall, it was a good read, which reminds me to continue with the 6th book now as I don’t want to miss a day.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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