Salut et bienvenue! My name is Nica, also called as Lanicka by some of my closest friends and family. I was born in the 7th of October 1992 here in Manila, Philippines but was raised during my formative years in Saudi Arabia, where my family lived for sometime.

Extrovert, sensitive, temperamental, snobbish (usual first impression), silly and sweet are the words used to describe me by my friends. A nurse by profession, but is currently not practicing in a clinical setting. If you would be asking why? It is because I decided to take a bit of a different path.

I have a deep love for travelling, baking and books of which you will see more often in my blog. Along side are my contemplations regarding life and my beliefs as a Christian. I am a lepidopterophobic, in so much that even photos or videos of these creatures frighten me. Therefore, if you decide to post some on this blog, I will most certainly delete it. ^-^


I started blogging on December 2014 in order to enhance my writing skills. It was to help me improve, as I was a part of the Fitlife.tv guest bloggers. However, I am currently inactive in submitting my articles to their company since March of 2015.

My blog is divided into six categories and they are:

Deep Thoughts- Those that represent my personal views, beliefs, contemplations, random stuff and open letters. Under this category is a series AskNicaxChen, a collaboration with chenesteves.wordpress.com, where we answer questions submitted to us based on our experiences and opinions.

Reading Nook- Is where I blog on book reviews and my take on how I appreciate books and the adventures they brought me to.

Fitness and Health- This section was tied up to Fitlife.tv posts but I could also post some of my tips in health, sharing my knowledge as a Nurse.

Beauty- Where I post reviews on certain beauty products and monthly favorites.

Food- Which cater to my gastronomic adventures. Restaurant reviews, baking, and ALL THINGS FOOD.

Travels- My favorite category that deals with my travels within and outside the country. This category will showcase the beauty of my motherland as well as the excitement in seeing and learning new cultures.

This is a personal blog. Anything I post here will reflect my opinions and views alone. Any comments left by my readers are accredited to the views of commenter and not of the blogger. I do respect and appreciate constructive criticisms, so if you have anything to say you can always leave me a message on:

Gmail: nmgerona@gmail.com

or Follow me at

Instagram: @nicagerona

Snapchat: nicagerona

Twitter: @unicagee

I hope you do enjoy this blog and do follow or subscribe!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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