This post is long overdue as I have seemingly forgotten about it. The section of the blog, seemed to be forgotten too. Haha. I have noticed that most of my posts are related to food, which probably explains my widening waistline (of which I am trying to combat). Ugh. 馃槱 So, let’s get off food for a while and stick to books (hopefully, I can do that).

When J.K. Rowling released the latest of the Harry Potter series, every Potterhead in all corners of the world went cray cray. That includes me! Although, I am quite the poor definition of Potterhead. As I have not read any single HP book, which I promise to amend. 馃枛 (Speaking of which, I am on the 6th Book)

Though my clumsy excuse was that I watch and rewatched all the movies. 馃馃馃 I enjoyed every last bit of it and even dreamt of Voldemort at times (in a frightening way, of course). 馃槺馃槺馃槺

Allow me to share you some bits of 聽J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. 鈿★笍鈿★笍鈿★笍


*Disclaimer: To do those who haven’t read the book and wouldn’t want to get any spoilers. I suggest you stop right here and start reading the book. If however, you wish to continue, do so at your own risk.*

First off, this isn’t the typical book like the previous HP books you probably have read. This book is actually a script, a playwright of the theatrical act that was performed a year or so ago in London. It acquired lots of criticisms from some HP fans regarding the casting and how they didn’t look like the movie actors who played them on film.

Nevertheless, it is a big hit in the UK and all over the globe of Potterheads. 馃帀馃帀馃帀 I find it actually interesting which really made me delve into the first seven books to get a more clearer picture of who, where, what, why and how did all of this happened.

The main characters are of course, Harry’s son Albus Severus Weasley Potter. We all saw him in the end of the movie when his dad, gave him a tiny bit of advice regarding his fear of being placed in the House of Slytherin. Apparently, he did end up there much to the chagrin of his siblings and cousins.

He, however in such a weird circumstance became close to Scorpius Greengrass Malfoy. Not just close, but best of friends. Though, Scorpius had his father, Draco’s looks, he had his mother’s kind heart and tolerance with Muggles and non-wizard folk. Also, he wasn’t the bullying type like his forefathers were in Hogwarts. He and Albus where the subject of ridicule. Stemming from the rumor that Scorpius might be the son of Voldemort.

It was funny to read how the tables have turned for the Malfoy folk. I would presume that if Draco’s old self would see his son falling head over heels for Albus’ cousin, Rose Granger Weasley, he would’ve preferred to die. But, all is well.

Draco was more tolerable and understanding having gone through so much shame and pain from the ideology of pureblood supremacy. Harry on the other hand, was a very known wizard and his fame was rubbing onto his son Albus who happened to inherit his father’s appearance. Which caused a great deal of strain to both.

Most of the original characters where in the Cursed Child as well. From Neville being teacher, to Diggory’s dad, to some surviving Death Eaters. But the main story involved a magical artifact that at the height of that period was being 聽destroyed. The time-turner. Harry was, if I remembered correctly, one of those tasked to do so. He, however had one left and confiscated by Hermione.

Aside from the time-turner was Mr. Amos Diggory badgering Harry to use it to save his son Cedric during that dreadful event at the Triwizard Tournament. Then we also meet a new character, Delphini Diggory (who really was Delphini Riddle). Daughter of the Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange. I really wondered, how in the world would Voldemort even thought of it when he really didn’t know what love is like.

I mean, he wanted all power to himself. Though he did regard Bellatrix as his most faithful servant, and I am pretty sure that Bellatrix would be fangirling over that fact that she and her Master had a tryst. Haha!

I also kept wondering of her husband, Rodolphus. Well, maybe they never really cared for each other and are only bonded for the sake of pure blood marriage and their dark desire to serve Voldemort. But, let us not dwell on that.

Delphini had that desire to go back and save her father from the very beginning. Before Voldemort’s first fall, when he tried to kill Potter as a baby. She wanted to stop her father to prevent it all from happening and retain his power. But like all, her plan failed, by the two most unlikely heroes named Scorpius and Albus.

Through the book, we see the disastrous effects of one meddling with time. There were different timelines with the most disastrous effects, one resulting to the death of a Hogwarts’ student. Eventually all was restored with Delphini captured and thrown in Azkaban. While Harry and his son finally settling their issues. It was nice to read of Draco helping out Potter and fighting together for their children’s lives.

Overall, it was a good read, which reminds me to continue with the 6th book now as I don’t want to miss a day.

Merci beaucoup et 谩 bient么t!



*Spoiler Alert*

This is a delayed post of my take on Molly McAdam’s Stealing Harper and it’ll be a short one too. It is just a sequel of the book Taking Chances, using a first-person narrative on Chase’s point of view. I told myself from my previous book reading that I would prepare myself for another crying session. Teehee.


Thankfully, I mustered up my courage聽(ang OA pakinggan ah, haha)聽and didn’t cry bucket loads of tears unlike with the first book. But like with the first reading, I still couldn’t tell myself if I were in Harper’s shoes聽(hopefully not),聽who would I choose? It is not that I tolerate cheating or what but I’d like to really be into the character. How frustrated could she be? The regrets, heartaches and most especially the loss.

But looking into Chase’s mind, we can see his struggle too. I kinda want to give him a kick in his groin for not going after Harper and thinking that she is too good for him. Well, she is at first, but if only Chase made the first move. Things wouldn’t be so complicated, right? Yet, there would be no story. Hehe.

The part that made me cry the most, was when Chase was struggling with death. On the accident site, all memories of frustrations and triumph flashes through his eyes. His what ifs, and if only questions. Seeing the future of not being able to hold his child and the sorrowful part where he had to hear Harper calling out his name. He couldn’t even reply. *bawls, with a handful of tissues by the side*聽Though Harper, happened to have a good life in the end, for Chase that was it. But his memory with them continues to live on.

So grab the chance when you have. Never doubt. Take the risk. But of course, be cautious as well. Weigh the consequences and most importantly do what is right.

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Merci beaucoup et 谩 bient么t!

P.S. Next is a book a mystery or thriller–Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl


*Spoiler Alert*

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My friend Acque kept telling me to read this book by Molly McAdams and I kept saying yes, but like always I forget. I’m such a good friend right? Hehe 馃槢 Now in my Reading Challenge, I opted to read this book and cross out the聽book a friend recommended聽category. In reading, I realized I should have used the聽book with a love triangle聽category. Thankfully, Molly McAdams wrote another book in a first-person narrative that fits the category, which I would write later at the end of this post.

So our love story begins, with a girl, named Harper raised in a home or should I say a house by the most apathetic dad. I mean, how bad must’ve she felt when you can’t even call your father, “dad” or “pop” rather you call him “sir” like your not even related聽to him. o_O Imagine how a child must have felt, when your dad wouldn’t even talk about your mom or smile at your jokes. Shows like he’s fed up with raising you and can’t wait that you leave. That sucks! >_<


No wonder our little heroine, who grew up with a bunch of jar heads grab the chance of an adventure away from an unloving environment she grew into and went to a University in California.


A typical girl, no boyfriends since birth, goes au natural, and doesn’t even have a fashion sense. Unless, you think military pants are the new “in”. She meets her first ever girl friend, Bree who teaches her the basics of being a girl. From wardrobe, to make up, having boyfriends and partying, she sure did learn a lot. Although at first she definitely, flunked with her social skills. Well, at least her new friend wasn’t like Regina George from the Mean Girls, or I bet she would go back to being with the jar heads in no time. >_<


Despite one to no social skills at all, Harper’s vulnerability is such a huge turn on for the boys in the campus. She sure did caught two hotties and earned the ire of most women. They聽were best friends by the name of Brandon and Chase (Bree’s older brother). Like聽any love story, Chase and Brandon are two opposite poles. One is a party-goer, alcoholic, womanizer and the other is your studious type, sweet, gentlemanly but secretly a vicious fighter in the underground ring. Who’s you pick?? 馃槈 Of course, Harper fell for Brandon and his good nature. They fell in love instantly and everything was happening too fast. But what made me admire Brandon, was how he valued Harper and her womanhood. He respected her that he wouldn’t want anything to happen between them, which is really rare for some. *clap clap*

Now, let’s not all judge Chase too quickly, he made mistakes and learned from them. Ever since falling in love with Harper, he was the guy who longed for her love and threw all his vices away. I could tell you how heartbreaking this story is and I cried tons! I feel genuinely sad for Chase when he couldn’t get Harper’s full trust and love, with Brandon for being cheated on and with Harper’s confusion. I felt聽confused too.聽Chos! Feel na feel.聽Hahaha 馃榾

The Orange Lily. Harper's favorite flower.
Harper’s favorite flower. An orange lily.

I’m such an emotional person, books or movies with this kind of theme makes me cry, except the cheating part. If I were Bree, I would have slapped Harper into her senses. Good thing, I wasn’t Bree! Hehe. But like all love stories, only one can really be with you while the other can聽either be a beautiful memory or a horrible nightmare. This book, is not just about love it is more on second chances. A second chance from your mistakes, a second chance to heal and a second chance to love again. Happy Reading!

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Merci beaucoup et 谩 bient么t!

P.S. Next is a book with a love triangle– Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams. I have to prepare myself for another session of crying. Hahaha.

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Looking for Alaska_1

*Spoiler Alert*

Hello Guyths! Nica’s Reading Nook is back after a two month hiatus. 馃槢 I have been quite busy after our Asian Trip and with school. Yes, I am back to my student life. I miss this kind of life, however the deadlines and assignments are not part of it. 馃榾 Haha. But of course, what kind of school would that be, right?


Anyhoots, I know y’all aren’t up to reading my list of alibis on why I missed posting about my Book Reading Challenge. So let’s get to it! Speaking of school, this book is related to it. Although, it is focused聽on the student’s life behind the scenes, mostly about pranks and a whole lot of misbehaviours. 馃槢

If you are a student aiming for that good behaviour grade, I suggest you don’t follow whatever the characters are doing in this book. NO matter how fun it sounds, and even if you aren’t DON’T even think about it. Haha. Basically, our main character here, named Pudge is living a mundane life in his previous school and has persuaded his parents to attend his Dad’s alma mater. Seeking that Great Perhaps.

great perhaps

Now, Pudge is no typical boy, he is hooked into memorizing the last lines of every famous person in history. I felt fascinated into that subject too. It kinda sums up that person’s life and it’s also borderline creepy. >_< Yet, hobbies are hobbies right? Hehe. Here we can see Pudge, is looking for that adventure of a lifetime and I think he has found it within the four corners of this school. In comes the Colonel, a notable prankster with a serious alcoholic problem. Boy, I can see this guy’s future in a hospital bed with an aching liver. 聽Takumi, the Japanese kid who is also a hip hop enthusiast. Lara, the sweet Romanian girl, of whom I really felt sorry for what Pudge did. Girl, you deserve better! Lastly, the emotionally unstable Alaska Young.

looking alaska

They complete the gang who can commit multiple pranks and never get caught. Well, most of those ideas where Alaska’s. This young voluptuous lady has a smoking problem, and I dunno why Pudge finds that fragrant. 馃槢 But of course, Pudge is Pudge and me is me #anodaw. Alaska has lived a life searching for an answer to a question that has always fascinated her.

“How do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering?”

You see, Alaska has suffered so much as a child from losing her mom in a situation where she felt, she was all to blame. It has haunted her every day, even up to her dying breath. Now, these group of kids are no misfits they certainly are smart in academics but in their social and personal aspects, in my opinion they do need some bit of guidance. Perhaps, John Green wanted to showcase the life of a teen whose childhood is filled with a wound that has never healed.

And this book is an eye-opener for us to be mindful of people suffering emotionally from past hurts. To assess their needs and to remind them that to get out of their suffering is to learn to forgive. Forgive themselves.


Also, I’d like to point out that it is very important to choose your friends and influence them to the right path.聽Peer pressure is very strong, but you gotta make a stand. You won’t be able to help someone emotionally out of their pain if you can’t stand on your own principles. So if you ever want to read this book,聽be sure to pick out the good lessons and leave the bad. Happy reading!


Merci beaucoup et 谩 bient么t!

P.S. Next book is Taking Chances by Molly McAdams– the book a friend recommended. Hopefully, I can finish this, aja!

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Hello readers! It’s been more than a week since I read a book. But now, I am back on track for the Reading Challenge after my Holy Week vacation in Bataan. What I crossed out now on my list is聽a book about classic romance聽and what better classic romance book to read that has a happy ending than Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Right? Let me give you a background on how聽I was encouraged to read classic novels.


If there is any genre in books that makes me sleepy, it is none other than classic books. Those books written in a century where women wore corsets and marriage (at 16 O_o) plays an聽important part for聽your position in society. But somehow, after watching Austenland (it’s a movie on a modern take of the book), I find myself looking for Pride and Prejudice in bookstores. Hahaha. Plus two of my good friends told me it was a good read and I am just so glad to do so.

After reading the book, I think I can say that Jane Austen is trying to promote in subtlety, women empowerment. It is very vital for a woman in her time to find a man suitable to sustain her living and build her own brood. Marriage is like the only hope a woman has, especially if she came from a family with no fortune. But in our heroine’s case, her view on marriage must be filled with love and not focused wealth, status or anything. Which is a good thing, because she found Mr. Darcy to be worth the wait despite a very bad start on both sides. Also, I find her personality very strong enough to shun a Lady of higher status and power *clap clap*.

Overall, this classic books aren’t so boring at all. I guess that depends on how you look at things. 馃檪

Merci beaucoup et 谩 bient么t!

P.S. Next is a popular author’s first book: Looking for Alaska by John Green


Eleanor and Park_0(1)
Sorry the AND sign is wavy. My hand was shaking. 馃檪

A story of an unlikely high school romance swirled within the 1980’s. That time when Marvel comics where a big hit (even now!), walkman and huge headphones are a cool kid’s staple. Yet, it is also that time when bullying was a little more rampant in schools and often unnoticed, when domestic violence was silenced by money and so-called “love”.

This love story wasn’t as cheesy as I expected, which is actually good. Who would have thought that sitting together in a bus, listening to the same music and reading comics would lead to love and a bond that couldn’t be easily broken. Unless it was your creepy, sexually harassing, crazy, alcoholic, abusive step dad (whew! those words wouldn’t even suffice) standing on the middle ground. Though there were a lot of cursing going on, you can feel a lot of emotion and really see in some way what it is to be bullied, to be abused, and to be loved. It is an eye-opener for all of us to stand and speak up to say no against bullying and abuse. Rainbow Rowell did a great job portraying that, also this book kinda left me hanging hehe. If I could only ask Rowell what were those three words in the postcard Eleanor sent and would there be a sequel for the book? ^_^

Well, I wouldn’t write too much about it like my previous blogs, heehee. I’d like for you guys to read it. But if in case you feel uncomfortable with the cursing, I wouldn’t force you to read it then. 馃檪

Merci beaucoup et 谩 bient么t!

P.S. I’ll be having a short break from reading for the coming Lent Season. But I’ll be back!!


Veronica Roth’s debut novel was a big hit! It was almost like The Hunger Games but it was uniquely different as well.

” I will be my undoing If I become my obsession.” Excerpt on Abnegation Manifesto

Divergent. Five factions were started by the leaders after an almost disintegration of the city. The factions were the solution they found to save the system. Somehow, I think if I were to live in the system, I would be in the Amity compound hehe. Where everything is peaceful, happy and passive ugh. Abnegation would be my second choice but they are way too stiff, then Candor (too tactless), Dauntless (daredevils) lastly Erudite (know-it-alls). 馃榿馃榿馃榿 Might as well be divergent. LOL Kapal eh?!? Baka sa factionless ako mapunta. Haha

“Knowledge is the only logical solution to conflict. Ignorance must be used for the benefit of the society.” Excerpt on Erudite Manifesto

As it all turned out the factions were abolished, factionless ruled and their tyranny didn’t last long. They were experiments, live experiments by the Bureau. Guinea pigs for testings to cut out the genetically damaged from the pure ones. And their city wasn’t the only one.

“Trust. Self-Sufficiency. Forgiveness. Kindness.” Excerpt from the Amity Manifesto

The story has a lot mystery even from the beginning. A lot of secrets, hidden agenda, ulterior motives that revolved around the plot. I suppose this is what makes this book interesting. Your curiosity to find out why. I blame this book for my late nights & digusting eyebags lol.

“Dishonesty makes evil possible. Truth makes us inextricable.” Excerpt from the Candor Manifesto

But unlike all the books I’ve read this one has a sad ending. Oops! Spoiler alert. I just wished I could reverse the ending hehe. However the loss was powerful enough to leave a legacy from those behind. That factions do not define who we are, we do.

“We believe in freedom from fear, in ordinary acts of bravery, in defending those who cannot defend themselves.” Excerpt from the Dauntless Manifesto

What would your faction be? 馃槑

Merci beaucoup et 谩 bient么t!

P. S. Book set in high school– Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell


Japan.聽One of the dream places written on my bucket list that I’d love to visit someday *sighs*. To learn from their culture, speak their language, eat tons of sushi, wear a kimono and see the cherry blossom trees are but a few of all the things I love in Japan. The Japanese are well-known for their deep love in preserving all natural and cultural things, in which I think we in the Philippines should follow suit. It is disheartening to see that not all of our historical and cultural heritages are being taken cared of. Nevertheless, I believe it isn’t too late to change our ways, especially now that technology in archaeology and preservation techniques are continuously enhanced.

Well, enough of the ramblings, let’s get down to the book written by Arthur Golden. The book is told via a first-person narrative. I find myself attracted to books written that way (attracted talaga eh noh??).聽They make you feel what it’s like to be in the heroine’s shoes, which is a type of an imaginary adventure for me. So the thing is, this book published in 1997 was actually controversial. When the Japanese version of it was released, lawsuits followed. You see, Mr. Arthur Golden here interviewed a real geisha in order to back up his novel and give justice to what a geisha’s life is. Being an American,聽it was a good thing he did so, hearing it first-hand from experience is way better. But the problem was disclosure of the geisha’s identity, defamation and breach of contract, lots of nasty court struggles and they finally settled on 2003. HEHE I did my research聽oh diba! *clap clap*

Geisha.聽I honestly thought that they were聽prostis聽but聽sosyal.聽Then when I searched Google, I learned that my assumptions were wrong聽*facepalm*.聽Sorry about that though. Anyway, a geisha is a female entertainer, who specialises in dancing, pouring sake, and engaging in lively conversations with their male patrons. There are occasions in which they pursue intimacy but a high-level geisha (one who underwent the proper education) particularly those with a danna(I’ll explain later what a danna is)聽prefer in accompanying the other men instead.

A danna is a man who can afford to have a mistress and sustain her finances, registries, kimonos, beauty stuff, housing, parties and events聽kung baga sa atin magiging official na kabit na sya, oh diba may ganun pala!?!聽Sounds surprising that wives would permit their husbands to take up mistresses and splurge on them as well. I have been wondering what do they feel on those situations. But don’t judge a geisha immediately, understand that most of them at a young age are struggling in poverty and being a geisha is one of their ways to reach their goal. On the case of our protagonist, 聽Sakamoto Chiyo a.k.a. Nitta Sayuri (geisha name)聽she was sold into聽it. In our modern times, we could call it human trafficking. However during those times these girls and some families consider themselves grateful for a chance of education in arts, a roof to cover their heads, and meals to fill their bellies, all in exhange for heaps of training. The training isn’t as simple as pouting your lips and seductively whooshing your lashes HAHA聽(I wonder if I used the right term),聽it takes patience and a good reputation to be a successful geisha.聽This book really informs you on what a life of a geisha is from the beginning up to its end. I’m glad that even though she ended up just being a mistress to the Chairman, at least she found love and had her own child.

My adventure with this book has brought me to Yoroido, Amami, Kyoto, Gion and New York! What else, can I say?? Hahaha. A good book to read and perhaps I should watch the movie itself eh?

Merci beacoup et 脿 bient么t

P.S. A book with a one word title- Veronica Roth’s Divergent and its series. Happy Reading!


The Mockingjay.

District Twelve.

A small village nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, where scarcity of food is prominent and escalation of death due to malnourishment and starvation are a common scene. Coal Mining聽is what makes this town barely alive. Here, is where we meet Katniss Everdeen. Once a daughter, sister and a hunter but will soon be the Capitol’s biggest mistake.

The Hunger Games

A tool by the Capitol used to control and induce fear in the 12 districts of Panem. Long after the Dark Days, the First Rebellion where District 13 was eradicated聽(or so they thought).聽Each town is required of 2 tributes, a boy and girl, brought to the Capitol’s man-made arena. Styled and applauded to death by its citizens until one victor remains. That victor will leave with cash, a new home in the Victor’s Village, free from reaping and not to mention the horror and nightmares to encounter as the deaths of the other tributes haunt you.

District Thirteen

The first district to rebel against Capitol. Once an apple of the eye as they held the nuclear power plants and military base are now considered non-existent. But y’all know (if you have read the book)聽the story behind how they survive the blasting bombing and defeat from the rebellion. They waited patiently for the time that the Districts grew restless from Capitol’s grip and they found the face who ignited the spark.

Katniss Everdeen

Strong-willed. She follows her wits and is at times impulsive on her decisions. Her spirit and tough nut shell was a problem for Snow as he tried to break her and for Coin to control her. Her impulsiveness, is what humiliated and questioned the Capitol’s superiority which made her and the rest of those she love, a target for total annihilation. While the rebels view her as The Mockingjay, Capitol’s laughingstock and a hero to all districts.


I have to commend the author, Suzanne Collins for how she creatively thought of the plots, scenes and lots of bloodbath ongoing.聽The book was narrated from a聽first person’s perspective, and during my reading I could really feel that I was the heroine for the moment. Although, unlike Katniss, I have no knowledge on archery or any form of fighting that could extend my life in the arena. Perhaps, this was one of the reasons why the movie version clicked (aside from the best portrayal of the role by Jennifer Lawrence).聽For me, although it has nothing to do with the society today, it gives that feeling that in some way without the bloodshed we can see hierarchy in our daily lives. The affluent eat, drink and beautify themselves incessantly, while the poor starve and struggle to survive. The hungry-power politicians, assassinations, poison are literally seen in our century.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything about how the rich spend their money. It’s theirs, they earned it and they have the right to spend. So maybe not all worked for it, some might be born into it. But is it really my job to look at it? No. I just saw how similar the plots were to everyday life. There will always be someone above and below you, but it is in you on how to view it and work for it to achieve that goal. Like Katniss, she defied the Capitol’s control by conniving with Peeta on a suicide mission using聽nightlock berries聽(I wouldn’t recommend that you try this!), but it helped her put a spark that will soon end tyranny and depression on other decrepit districts in Panem. Sometimes, you have to play that role to initiate change, don’t be a piece of a game. Be the game itself and may the odds be ever in your favour.


Merci beaucoup et 谩 bient么t!

P.S. Book set on a place you want to visit- Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. Let’s go JAPAN!