Arrowland by Gandiva

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone! This activity was done before December 2016 ended but I will just be blogging and blabbering about it right now. So, before we embarked on a family vacay to Aurora, my brother, boyfriend and I went to an archery range opened just November of 2016 at SM Megamall. My boyfriend who is a big fan of Legolas just as I am found out about this and told me to invite my brother and his gf for a double date. However, his gf wasn’t able to come so he went third wheeling with us. Haha.

Before I start sharing of my first archery experience, let me give you a background of Arrowland and the company who started it. Gandiva is one of the pioneer archery brands in the Philippines. They started in the year 2007 with the goal of promoting archery as a sport. Their mission is let every Filipino have the first-hand experience of archery and to make it accessible to the masses. They started their first branch at the SM Mall of Asia in the year 2009, and now they opened Arrowland to even make archery something fun and enjoyable to the family as they provide the bows to use, which makes it truly accessible. The company’s name derives from the magical bow of a prince named Arjuna from the stories in Mahabharata.  (Source:

So here begins my first archery adventure…

Quite a crowd!


We took the 75 package for three persons.


We picked the Original target.

It was jam-packed and they weren’t accepting any at first for the first three hours as there was a long line of waiting archers like me. Haha. But, we really wanted to try so we roamed around first and had lunch then headed back to book and wait again. Good thing, they asked for our number and will text us once we are up next. We also filled up an indemnity form, which is a promise to pay for the cost of possible injury, because bow and arrows could be deadly.


Be sure to keep your receipt as you will need to present it.

My parents came over and we walked again waiting for the text and it was good timing as we were done with whatever we needed to buy, when we learned that we were up next.

This is it!
Armband to protect your arm, of course! Haha

Prior to entering they would put armbands on us and would ask if what your dominant hand is.

That’s quite heavy.



75 ÷ 3 = 25. First round was 15 arrows, the second set was 10, the kind lady gave us extra two arrows each for our last round.

Of course, a picture before the fiasco.


They also provide basic instruction on how to mount your arrow on the bow, your stance, when to release. Fret not, as they will be with you all throughout your session.

Yup, here I go.


The High Elves of Lothlorien or Hunger Games?? Chos!





Yep, we weren’t Legolas or Katniss-worthy but it was a good start. Haha. Excuses! But we really had fun and I would like to try again. Perhaps, if we availed the 300 arrows, by the 299th I’d be able to hit the target while the walls of Arrowland is filled with my other arrows. Hehe. The boys were quite kind to say if the target were a real person, they wouldn’t be able to walk. Aww, sweet boys! >_< I highly suggest and recommend that you try Arrowland with your family of teens or barkada, to experience one of the classic sports called archery.

For more details here are their contact numbers:

Gandiva Ortigas: (02) 638 8771
Arrowland Megamall: ‎(02) 577 0956 | 0917 8772425
Gandiva Davao: (082) 296 7011

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

30 Day Trial: Iflix (Free)

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any brand or company mentioned here. All that are written are 100% based on my experience within the free period offered.*

Screenshot_2016-01-15-23-10-18Don’t you just love movies? Well, I certainly do. 😍I do like to watch a good movie, an interesting documentary or binge-watch the latest TV series. It’s at times, my own way of relaxing.

But oftentimes, CDs or DVDs are a bit out of the budget. While cinemas only offer to show them for a season, then gone. Others then would resort to piracy, which is definitely illegal. 😵😵😵

Then, with technology’s coming of age comes the online subscription for your movie-loving self. However, some offer it on steep prices or at times are not locally available. Thankfully, there are 3 companies who provide Hollywood films, but only 2 covers a wide range of Asian films as well.

Among the 3 companies, I decided to go test the free trial with the cheapest, which is Iflix. 😊Screenshot_2016-01-15-22-44-54

Price: 129php/month or pay pre- or post-paid via SMART Telecommunications

Free Trial period: 30 days. “No hassle” “no strings attached” sign-up. They send emails to remind you as well. 😁

Movies/TV series: Hollywood films, TV series, ABC TV shows, Japanese Animes, Asian telenovelas and movies. Though shows are selected, mostly old films.

Design: Black and red. Clean design.

Movie Downloads: Selected movies can be watched offline. A maximum of 10 shows, for a period of 7 days. Though I encountered a problem on the movie 27 Dresses, where the movie stops after the intro.

Connected Devices & Streaming: Maximum of 5 devices could be used with one account. But only 2 could be used for simultaneous streaming.

Other concerns: So far the only problem I encountered was some bits of lagging and technical difficulties. But overall, I could give Iflix a 3 out 5 for a job well done. Screenshot_2016-01-18-20-05-18

So in case you are itching to watch a rewind of the movie or the latest TV series, go and check out Iflix’s free trial and see if it suits your taste! 😊😊😊

For more inquires:

Iflix’s FAQ page

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!