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Salut! 🙂 Today is the day my best friend and I shot the video for the #AskNicaxChen video blog. A few days ago, I posted an introductory blog about what is it going to be. There are actually a lot of firsts on this portion of our blogs. 😛 It is our first collaboration, our first video blog, our first ever uploaded Youtube video (yes! It is on Youtube, so check it out! Teehee), and first Q & A portion. Let me give you a heads up that some parts might be cheesy and mushy, that’s cause most of the questions submitted are about love. Heehee. Without further adieu, I’ll be posting the video and a written Q & A (I’ll only be typing down the gist of our answers on each question). 🙂

We answered four questions from four people. Although one of them made use of the Ask Box. Heehee.

From londonbridgette: How to survive the first 24 hours of a break-up? 😦

Chen: Well, based on my experience, all I did was eat ice cream.  I guess the first 24 hours it wouldn’t really sink in that completely, so you’ll just be sad because you would feel the absence of the person. But after a few days, there comes the denial, anger, bargaining part.

Nica: First 24 hours post-breakup for me, is to cry it out and eat anything you want to eat. Ice cream, cake, chicken, pizza, whatever just don’t do anything fatal.

From Anonymous: Sometimes when I get drunk, I like to corner friends of mine who are in long-term relationships and strew them with questions about how they make it work. So let me pepper you with those questions too. 🙂 1. Do you ever have doubts about being with one person for son long? 2. Is it possible to be 100 percent honest all the time and not hurt the other person’s feelings? 3. Do you know you wanted to date them right away? Or was it a slow burn of falling in love? 4. Do you ever absolutely hate them during an argument? That’s all 🙂 Hehe love that your ask box does not have a character limit. Xx

Chen: 1. I have doubts. I’m clingy, if I’m in a relationship I want the person to just focus on me. If I see them talking to another person and they look so interested. I have this like, paranoia, that he wants to be with them, and leave me. It’s my thing, don’t judge me. 2. We try be honest all the time, let’s stick with the golden rule, “Do not do unto others, what you don’t want other to do unto you.” 3. I’m in a 5 year going 6 year relationship with my boyfriend, I don’t want to date him at that time. It’s just that I don’t see myself there with him for the first time. So yeah, it was a slow burn of falling in love for me. 4. We have this personality, that if we are in an argument, we think that our point is valid. But after all the dramas, you’ll love each other.

Nica: 1. I guess it’s really normal to have doubts in your relationship. Not the kind of doubts that your trust would break up but the kind of doubts that you’ll be thinking, am I going to last with person? Is the relationship going to work? 2. No! For me you can’t be 100 % honest all the time. I think it’s better if you don’t just say anything, if you don’t wanna lie then don’t talk about it. 3. We hated each other at first sight. Even fought by a barbecue stand. But I think, that there are some people that would come into your life, and you think you would want to immediately date them, are at times the people that aren’t meant for you. 4. Yeah, when you’re arguing with someone you gotta win. That happens, you don’t hate them completely you just want to win the argument.

That was a long Q & A. Heehee. Thanks Anonymous!

From Skylar: How do you deal with disappointment?

Chen: Feeling disappointed is inevitable. I cry, shout, I don’t wanna suppress my feelings cause it would take a toll on me. Then after all the crying, I put it on perspective. If I dwell with this problem would it affect me? Would it benefit me? Would it make my life better? Of course, not. Things are easier said than done, but you don’t want to dwell on the negative emotions. It’s not good for you.

Nica: Disappointment happens all the time. You can never always be on a happy state. When it comes down, what I do is I pray. It really helps a lot. After you pray then you talk it out with someone else.

From Joanne: What inspired you to blog? Shout out to all the bloggers from Albaquerque! #weheartyou

Chen: Blogging, is part of me. I needed an outlet because way back then, I’m not really expressive when it comes to speaking my mind. I love writing, I have a journal but as time goes by I developed a digital outlet/ blog and also share my thoughts, experiences. To let the people know, that you can be heard.

Nica: I didn’t really think that I was a good writer. I started submitting to, an article because I wanted to try writing. Then she (Chen) told me, why don’t I try blogging. It’s a platform for practice, improvements and I was really expecting a lot of constructive criticisms. That’s why the title of my blog is Nicacanwrite, it is an encouragement to me that I can write and anybody can write.

That’s it folks! Thank you so much for all the questions y’all submitted on Chen’s Ask Box. Still have a lot of backlogs and do wait for the next video blog here, on Chen’s site or on Youtube. 🙂

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


Ask Nica x Chen

Hello! I’m pretty excited to announce my first video collaboration with my blogger best friend. Charlene “Chen” Esteves of Sim Sala Bim and I have been planning on this collab for months, but not until recently she started opening a poll on her site to collect questions from her readers.


The questions according to her are about love and life. Why?? Heehee. Though we claim no expertise on both, we’ll try our best to answer those and give some bit of advice based on our experiences, on the books we’ve read and of course on our parent’s and mentor’s advices. Heehee #oldschool

So stay tune my dear folks! Hope it won’t be an awkward video shoot, since we’ll be doing it in my room. Gah! Speaking of which, I gotta clean. Hahaha 😀

Thanks Chen for allowing me to use this logo!

BTW, kindly greet my bff’s blog on her 1st bloggerversary (I coined that term heehee) on and ask her for giveaways too! Kidding.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

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