First Experience: BeautyMNL Online Shopping

Hello there beauties and gents too! I do apologise for quite a long hiatus of not blogging. I’ve been really busy since I started the overhaul of my blog. Plus, being on the 4th week in school adds up to my tight schedule. Nevertheless, like I promised, I would still be posting some blogs, though probably not as often as before. So today, I would like to share my first experience with BeautyMNL’s Online Shopping.

I have had my share of online shopping from one or two IG sellers and Lazada. However, I remained wary as always. I have the notion that I might get addicted to online shopping, which is why I am picky with online shops and always on the lookout for Cash-on-Delivery payments or Bank Deposits. I prefer cash above all than using cards and such.

Online shopping has paved ways for consumers of today. It’s easy, fast and most of the time complete with products that aren’t usually available here in the Philippine Market. And like any other shopping experience, online shops do offer sales and promos which are a great attention catcher. All you need is cash, card and a bit of trust before you sign up for one. Yes, it takes a big leap of faith and prayer that somehow you won’t get scammed.

BeautyMNL provides a wide range of beauty arsenals from different imported and local brands. They also offer organic products, tech and other accessories. When I came across this site, I immediately checked their modes of payments and thank goodness! They have CODs and Bank Deposit options. So, after some time thinking of what to buy, I decided to go for an organic, all-natural, paraben, fragrance and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners. (I am still on the journey for that long, healthy hair)

First, you have to register at BeautyMNL’s site. This will help you in your order tracking and easier transactions. They provide e-mail notifications on your waitlist items, freebies and other stuff.

It took me weeks before I could decide that I would buy from them. A big tip is to read the FAQs. It helps to know what kind of transaction you’ll be entering into. BeautyMNL also gives out freebies, so better watch out for those. I was suppose to get three, but the stocks ran out, so better decide quick! They also offer free shipping for items above 5,000PHP. That would be too much for me, so I didn’t mind the 50PHP additional fee for the shipping.

I chose the Bank Deposit Option in paying, be sure to read the FAQ’s because they will close the Bank Deposit Option when the following day would be a holiday or a weekend. So schedule your purchases too. 🙂 However, if in case you decided the COD option, the order usually arrives immediately at your doorstep (if you are located within Metro Manila) the next day.


After finalizing, wait for the invoice email and read the Terms of Service.


They will send you details of the transaction, be sure to pay before 7:00PM the next day or your reservations would be forfeited.


After paying, scan or take a clear photo of the receipt and email it back to them. They would send a confirmation followed by the Order Acknowledgement.


From there, you can now track your orders from paid to processing to on the way statuses.


And enjoy the delivery package! I certainly felt like it was Christmas morn. Haha. But who doesn’t love to open packages right??

2016-06-29 01.44.54 1
It has to be aesthetically arranged! Hahaha

So far, there were no delays or problems encountered during my first transaction with BeautyMNL. I do have another set I wanted to buy, but as always, control is power. Haha. I have to wait for probably three months or more before purchasing or this wouldn’t stop. Better yet, when I only need it. 🙂

Give BeautyMNL a try girls!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

P.S. This post is not sponsored by BeautyMNL.


Update: Healthy Options Hair Skin Nails Multi-vitamin

Why, hello there! I just want to give in a short update about my journey to healthier hair. In my previous blogpost regarding hair, I was taking up a multivitamin from Healthy Options. It was all going really well but I encountered some bits of problem.

Most hair vitamin results are seen after 3 to 6 months of usage. Since I take them twice a day it’ll be after 30 days then I will have to buy another bottle. That means I should take these for 180 days; which means I have to consume 6 bottles.

From my previous post, I did say that I am taking them twice a day. 😝😝😝 Which was a mistake on my part, not that it did something irreversibly drastic. But since it contain some fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K) that when consumed too much could lead to serious side effects. 😱😱😱. That is why the dosage instructions said to take ONCE A DAY AFTER MEAL.

I have already taken up the 2nd bottle when I really noticed my shedding (haha, sounded like a pet there) increased. So, I did some research and realized that too much Vitamin A “could” be the culprit (*be reminded that I didn’t take any blood test to confirm this*). Since I deduced this rationale on my own, I had to stop for a while and reset my intake on May. So that means, I am back to zero by May.

Lesson learned: ALWAYS FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS! I did notice a difference though, on the falling hair when I stopped to reset it. I also have to work out on my sleep schedule and am currently taking up Vitamin C and Iron.

So by May, I’ll be back to record the effects on Healthy Options: Hair, Skin, Nails Multivitamin. This time, following the dosage instructions. :):):)

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

Summer-Proof Hair

If you live here in Manila, Philippines, you can feel the increase in temperature and humidity. It’s a definite sign of the upcoming summer, which is probably one of the seasons I love most minus the excess heat and sweat! 😫😝😁

Part of the usual summer routine includes swimming in salt or chlorinated water and basking under the sun. Sounds relaxing and fun, right? Of course it does! 🌞🌊⛱ But do you know, that your crowning glory gets affected; and if left unnoticed, could get damaged and leave you with wispy ends and a greenish hue? Eek! Sounds horrifying! 😨😨😨 But fret not, there are ways to keep your hair Summer-Proof.

Today’s blog post is a collaboration with and Health Perch. This graphic helps provide information on minimizing the damage our hair will have to recover from. If your hair is damaged and chemically-treated, you should stop by and take time to read on the ways to protect your hair along with simplified tips provided in the graphic below.


First, is understanding the effects of the sun, salty and/or chlorinated water. For bleached hair, you are probably aware that chlorinated water could make your hair go green! 😑Now that doesn’t look nice, unless you were planning to go all green. Hehe. You might even wonder why does it turns green in the first place.

Actually, it isn’t the chlorine that makes bleached or highlighted hair turn green. It’s the oxidized metals found in the water that gets stuck in our soaked hair. Our hair absorbs it all. To combat the greenish hue, try using a baking powder paste and rub it on your hair after swimming.

Frequent swimming in chlorinated or salt water could also lead to drying of our scalp. In the long run, it makes our hair dry and porous. Those who swim rarely are less susceptible to damaging their hair. However, it could leave your hair dry in a day or two.

To keep your hair summer-proof, it is advised to provide a barrier for your hair to protect it from the salty or chlorinated water. Barriers like oils (olive oil or coconut oil) and conditioners; just leave them for a few minutes to penetrate hair. Even showering with tap water prior to swimming will give your hair that added protection from the harsh environment.

Post-swimming care requires immediate rinsing of clean water and use of a clarifying shampoo followed by a conditioner. For those who frequently swim, I would suggest that you deep condition weekly and wear swim caps to further protect your hair. To deep condition, make use of either store-bought or natural deep conditioners. Health Perch provides us four options for natural hair conditioning masks.

For combating the sun damage, it is important to wear hats or applying hair serums that provide UV protection.

When drying your hair after a swim, it’s best to air dry. However, if you really want to achieve a blow-out look then try cutting down the time for blowdrying your hair on the lowest heat setting. After, blast it with cool air to seal the shine.

These are all simple tips that oftentimes we take for granted. I can really attest to the damaging effects it has done on my hair. I was a swimmer once in highschool and it really took a toll on my hair. But using deep conditioners and barriers lessen the damage it should have done. It also helps that I am currently taking some hair vitamins for an added boost to my hair’s overall health.

So take time to care for your hair, we only have one head full of hair and we might as well take good care of it. 💁💁💁

Hair on fleek!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt

Review: iColor (Medium Brown)

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any brand. All things written are based on my personal experience with the product featured*

I have been taking hair vitamins for a couple of weeks now. Although other factors are also affecting my current hair health on which I NEED TO IMPROVE. 😫😫😫 Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from wanting to dye my hair brown.

I have never tried “purely” dyeing my hair. I tried hair glosses with a hint of color. Well, that’s the most dyeing I could get. I am quite scared of the harmful ingredients seen in dyes but I still want to pursue rockin’ that brown hair look.

My search for a less harmful hair dye led me to a HAIR DYE SHAMPOO. This was my first to hear about it and it sure did caught my attention! 😆 One particular brand that offers it more healthily is the iColor which even contains Olive and Noni extracts for a more shinier hair.

Brand: iColor Hair Dye Shampoo (Medium Brown)

It’s permament and mess-free. I guess the mess-free meant how easy the application is and there are less stains. Unless the dye gets onto your fingers. Eek! 😝 I chose the medium brown shade as I wanted to see my black-brown hair turn into a shade of lighter brown.

Instruction says to:
1. Wash your hair thoroughly
2. Wear the disposable gloves attached to it.
3. Squeeze out all the contents in a container
4. Mix well with your gloved hand
5. Apply like you would with a shampoo. Massage for 3-5 minutes
6. Let it set for about 15-20 minutes for other shades. For Black set it for 3-5 minutes.
7. Rinse well

Price: 60PHP
Quite cheaper which is a plus. You’ll be able to save tons compare to salons.

Store Available: Mercury Drugstores

Other Shades: Black, Dark Brown, Burgundy and Chestnut Brown

My hair prior to coloring

I did try this product twice. For the first time, I only bought 1 packet (30ml). It wasn’t enough to cover my whole head. I let it seat for more than 20 minutes in order for the color to breakthrough. Guess what happened??
I dunno if I am just having vision problems but it actually made my hair darker. I was hoping for a browned look. Instead it dyed my hair darker. It also made my hair shinier. Btw, I didn’t use a conditioner after washing my hair with the product. I simply applied 2-3 drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the ends of my hair to prevent dryness. And spritzed on my Pantene Detangler.

This actually did the trick in making my hair smooth, soft, tangle-free despite the lack of conditioner. However, I wanted to try more. I really wanted that brown hair look. So for the second try, I bought 2 packets. Using the same technique I really hoped for better results:

Yes, it only made my hair darker. Not light or medium brown whatsoever. Which sometimes make me wish that I should try Burgundy instead. It didn’t do harm to my hair but it didn’t bring me to what I want. 😝😝😝 So I am quite ambivalent on what should I feel about this product.

I’d probably give it a 3.5 out of 5 for making my hair shiny, smooth and beautifully darker. A 2 out of 5 for not being able to color my hair brown. Seeing how this works, this would be well appreciated by people who want to rid their white hairs minus the expenses and within the comforts of one’s home. For those raven-haired beauties, go to a salon to achieve the hair color you want. Unless you want to darken your hair.

So far, iColor isn’t bad at all. I would love to give the Burgundy or Chestnut Brown shade a try, maybe sometime. 🙂

After Chestnut Brown dye. No difference. Might as well try Burgundy. 😝

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

Healthy Options: Hair, Skin, Nails Multivitamins

*DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. All that’s written here and on the next post are 100% based on my experiences and opinions. I advice that before taking supplements to consult your physician.*

Hello there! This post would be a preliminary of a looong looong review. Don’t worry I won’t be flooding you too much of posts. But it’ll be divided into three parts with an interval of a number of days.

Currently, I am also doing my best to salvage and lengthen my hair (aside from exercising).😆 My hair as of now is a shoulder length long bob. Not thick but not dangerously thin as well. I have wavy hair that gets oily on the 3rd day of unwashing and is quite sensitive to stressful situations. My ends and texture get dry and rough when I am stressed and the opposite when I am well-rested.

Processed with VSCO
My hair was a bit behaved that day. 😝

I also shed a LOT. 😖Every time I would shower, the drain would get clogged immediately and it is not a good sight. My scalp at times, gets itchy cause it’s a bit dry and flaky.

So now that we have discussed what my hair condition is like; I then did some research on what to do. I encountered a lot of hair remedies, both natural and synthetic. But what caught my attention was the term hair vitamins. I remembered my aunt chugging them too and she’s got nice hair, despite the lack of veggies in her diet. Or perhaps she’s just got really nice hair. 😊😛😓😑

I then found out about a lot of branded hair vitamins and what components they have. I first tried buying them separately but it costs me more. The famous brands I saw were available in the US. Then, I remembered we have a health store here in Manila called the Healthy Options. They have a lot of US branded vitamins that are non-GMO, organic and at times vegetarian. I got their cheapest (😑😒) which is supplied and made by Healthy Options themselves.

Processed with VSCO
60 tablets for 850 Php.

Yep, that sure was their cheapest. The bottle says to take one after a meal. In that order it would last for almost two months or 60 days. But since I read some hair vitamins taken twice (1 in the morning, 1 at eve) with meals I decided to take that route instead. So my journey begins…

Most hair vitamin results are seen after 3 to 6 months of usage. Since I take them twice a day it’ll be after 30 days then I will have to buy another bottle. That means I should take these for 180 days; which means I have to consume 6 bottles. 😐. So far, it’s been only a week or two since I began taking the supplements.

They taste a bit fishy and smell really awful. But for the name for beauty, I’d take it. Although, I don’t still see a big difference on my hair. But I’ll get back to you guys on my 3rd bottle or on my 90th day. Wish me well!

Before I go, I’d like to list down the factors that you and I need to consider as it could affect my hair as well.

  1. Sleep- I sleep late this past few days. Like 12am late.
  2. Nutrition-Trying my best to cut down sugar. I eat mostly veggies, fish and fruits. Occasionally, meat during weekends. No pork.
  3. Hydration-Targeting to drink more than 2L a day. As the vitamins make my urine bright yellow.
  4. Stress-I am stressed. 😬
  5. Exercise-Exercising regularly. 😊

That’s all for now and do wait for the update on the 90th day.  😄

*Current hairlength: 15in when straightened*

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

November Favorites

Hello guys! I know this post is a day delayed (here in the Philippines), but since we live in different timezones, the title might be a bit passable. Ha! Excuses, excuses. Lelz. So, I will be sharing to you my favourites this November. Side Note: This post is not sponsored by any of the brands, people mentioned here. I simply love this/them and bought those with my own money.

My favorites this November are mainly composed of two hair products, two skin care products and two people I am currently OBSESSED with in Youtube, that I really had to include them with my November favourites.

2015-12-01 04.24.34 1.jpg

Let’s start of  with…

Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Okay, so I did not buy this bottle, but it was given as a gift for me and my mum. But I placed the bottle in my bathroom. Haha. I have very dry skin, which I probably got from my Dad (thanks Dad, haha). My legs are really scaly looking, forms white patches. Eew! You could actually write stuff with my legs using your nails! >_< So, I am always in the search for non-greasy, moisturizing lotions. Living in the Philippines, where the weather is always humid, lotions are making the stickiness worse.

This lotion by Aveeno is the BOMB! Well, for my opinion. It made my legs look and feel smoother. It lessened the feeling of stickiness and the effect lasts for a day. Sadly, this bottle is not locally found in grocery stores and would cost a lot. But, I found one where I could buy this specific type in a lesser price. Heehee. For now, I am currently enjoying my smooth sailing legs. Woot! Woot!

Dove’s Refreshing Care Dry Shampoo: 232PHP

Now, if you know what I posted on my last Favorites blog. You’ll know that I am currently dealing with my hair. Trying to gain that healthy hair, you now? Hehe. And part of dealing with your hair, is trying to prolong the days of not shampooing your hair. Now, I am also aware that we have different scalp conditions, so I suggest that you check whether you have an oily scalp or a dry scalp. I get oily after day 3 of not washing my hair, unless I sweat heavily on the 2nd or 1st day (after shower). My solution? DRY SHAMPOO.

I first heard about dry shampoo on an interview with Amanda Seyfried. I was like, “Dry shampoo? Hmm..”. I began searching on the beauty blogs here in Manila whether there are locally available dry shampoos. I tried a lot of brands and I already found one I love, however the store stocks up so slow as ever. It would take months before they would get the item stocked up, plus it was pretty expensive.

Then I found out about this Dove Dry Shampoo. It’s cheaper, smells good and EFFECTIVE. It works for all hair types, no white residue. This, I will definitely repurchase. You may find this on Watson’s, SM Beauty Bars, Cash and Carry and etc.

Pantene’s Detangler Spray for Fine Hair: 200+PHP (lost my receipt,sorry)

I bought this at SM Hypermarket Pasig, to help relieve the snagging, tugging and tangling of my hair. I have wavy, fine hair that is prone to frizzing and breaking. This detangling spray leaves my hair soft, detangled and smelling good. Now, for the frizziness aspect it lessens the frizz a bit. But if you really want to totally tame your frizz, use some serum along with this.

Bioré’s Cleansing Face Wipes: 238PHP

I barely wear make up. But when I do, I always have a hard time removing it. Don’t get me wrong, I love make up but I do believe that most girls would agree on the struggle of removing it. Especially, the eye makeup! Then I found about Bioré’s Cleansing Wipes. Bioré is a product of a Japanese Cosmetic Brand and these wipes are truuuuly aahh-mazing. I use only around 2 wipes for my whole face, including the eyes. Its gentle, yet tough on make up. They come in a facial wipe’s packaging type or on a plastic casing (which costs around 300+PHP). Bioré products could be found in Watson’s stores and Cash and Carry Grocery Store.

We are now nearing the end of my favorites. The last two, are two vloggers in Youtube that I follow and watch relentlessly. Okay, now that may sound exaggerated but really, I tend to watch around 5 or more videos from these two! So here we go…

Katie Quinn/Qkatie

I first encountered Qkatie on Facebook. When a friend of mine shared a video about “Skillet Brownies”. I got pretty curious, and curiosity led me to subscribe to her channel. I really love Katie’s energy and deep love for food. Cause I have a deep love for FOOD too. Haha. Well, it’s pretty obvious with my waistline. Say whuut?!?! But, I’m currently curbing my sugar rush.

If you have been reading my blogs, you probably know that I have recreated some of Katie’s recipe and will be posting another one, soon. Check out her channel guys, subcribe and follow her as well on her Snapchat: qkatie.

Here is one of my favorite videos from Qkatie:

Nikki Phillippi

Nikki, is the bubbliest, prettiest, funniest girl I ever knew, in Youtube. I first learned of her channel while surfing for short to medium length hairstyles. I was attracted by her charm. You know the kind of person that is sincere and a woman who speaks her mind. No pretentious actions or whatsoever. That is Nikki. I have been watching her videos, yes even the old ones and is pretty excited for her upcoming Vlogmas.

Did I also mention how I adore her relationship with her hubby? You can definitely see a connection and a deep one at that part. So all I could say is do check her channel out in Youtube. She has three which are, TheGangMagazine, NikkiPhillippi and ThePhillippis. She also has a Snapchat account: nikkiphillippi.

So those are my favorites this November! I can’t promise to do a December one too, since I don’t really buy much stuff. But, in case I would, it’ll pop out in your email inboxes. Heehee

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


October Favorites

This is my first post regarding my top favourite items for the month of October. Although, I wouldn’t leave promises that I could do this regularly. As I am always in a tight schedule (try imitating Helena Bonham’s character Bellatrix Lestrange “she-djule”) 😛. Up on my list are just four items.

1. Forever 21 Leggings. 295php/leggings

Sooooo comfy!!
Sooooo comfy!!

My first leggings were bought to be used under a high-slit military green dress we bought in Forever 21. I AM OBSESSED!! Every time my black leggings would be newly washed, I would immediately use it. Teehee. So, I decided to buy new ones so as not to wear and tear my poor black leggings. I ended up buying two pieces! I took the navy blue and black pieces, because these colours are easily matched with any piece of clothing. Plus, the comfy cold weather albeit humid is perfect for snuggling your legs minus the constricted feeling. It also goes well with my second favourite. 😉

2. Figlia Boots with Tassels.

Boots with a fur would be inappropriate for the Philippine weather. Tassels would do.
Boots with fur would be inappropriate for the Philippine weather. Tassels would do.

I couldn’t remember how much I bought these lovely brown boots (yep, they’re brown, sorry, poor lighting conditions). I think I bought these two around 2012. I just knew I wanted them, the moment I laid my eyes on them. Actually, I had black boots before from the same brand, but I have outgrown them. And because boots are so perfect for the “Ber” months, I couldn’t resist! If only fall was one of the seasons here. Heehee.

The last two are hair-related. My hair has been recovering so far from stress and mismanagement. I used to have it rebonded for every 6 months, since 2009 and stopped around 2013. The chemicals and stress have taken toll and my hair lacked lustre. 😦 So, I had to avoid heat styling (though I do it rarely), chemical treatments and excessive tugging. These two favourites are basically a part of my routine to healthy, longer, stronger hair. It’ll take time and so far, my hair has been more softer and grows a bit faster than before (at least from my perspective). The main lessons I guess I learned is to use the right products, shampoo less, condition the ends more, sleep, and hydrate.

3. Shine Moist’s Ionic Keratin Spray. 299 php at Watsons

Smells like Sampaguita.
Smells like Sampaguita.

The number one rule when you want to style your hair is to use a heat protectant. This genie in a bottle is both a leave-in conditioner and heat spray. Helps tame down my frizz and my porous ends were supple as ever. It leaves a bit of a Sampaguita scent after spraying it on towel-dried (I use a T-shirt) hair. Though, it fades as the hair dries, but still leaves it smelling really good. With or without heat styling, every time I clean my hair (Saturday afternoons and Wednesday nights), I simply spray it thoroughly on my ends and a bit on my mid-length section. I have shoulder-length, wavy hair, so I try avoiding to spray near the scalp area. Instead, as I finger-combed my hair to distribute the product, I massage my scalp a bit, then wash my hands. This bottle is a life-saver for dry hair. Really saved my locks.

4. Paganini Bristle Brush. Around 140-160php.

Processed with VSCO

While strolling at the Hypermarket near our school, I came across the hair section. I’ve always wanted to buy a paddled hair brush, after I watched Beautifully Bookish’s straightening techniques for wavy haired girls. The video will be posted in the end of this blog. I was at first intimidated that it would further ruin my hair. Thankfully, it didn’t. My hair feels really soft and tangled-free with this brush. Although I wouldn’t recommend using this on wet hair! Yikes!

So there you have it. My October favorites, hope you find them interesting as much I do. What are your favourites this month? Leave me a message on the comments below! xoxo

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

30 Day Trial: Trilogy’s Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

Sorry for the one day delay of posting this. Nevertheless, this is my first beauty post and review of a certain product. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I have not been asked or sponsored by any beauty company for this product. My Dad bought it for me on our last day in Singapore as my souvenir for the last country in our Asian Trip. I, also do not claim any mastery or expertise on the skin and its other healthcare issues. As a nurse, I do strongly believe that if you have skin problems do consult your dermatologist for the proper treatment. 😉

Processed with VSCOcam

Product: Trilogy’s Certified Rosehip Seed Oil

Price: 42 SGD

Where: Raffles City Mall-Watsons

Availability in the Philippines: WellnessConnectNZ Boutiques in SM Southmall Alabang and SM North Edsa or

The first time I learned about Trilogy was on Google. Right when I was searching for oils that are safe to use on the face. Just to give you guys a heads up, I have a combination to oily, bit of a sensitive type of skin. So, I have been on the search for what products could treat my oh-so-problematic skin. Oils where the in the bottom of my list of solutions, not until facial oils became a hit in the beauty industry. In there, beauty experts claim that there is no need to fear oils, especially those that are suited for the face. So my search began.

I first tried the Instant Glow’s Argan Oil on my hair and it gave my cheeks and forehead nasty red bumps! Que horror o_O So I stopped using it and those volcanic like bumps subsided. *breathe sighs of relief*.

que horror

Once again, I searched and decided to use a kitchen staple in our home, the Olive Oil. I would suggest that you use Organic brands, but in case you find it too expensive, an Extra Virgin Olive Oil would do. So far, this oil worked well with me there were no breakouts and I only use a tiny drop at it. But I wanted an oil that would cater to the scars on my cheeks left from a previous battle. Haha ang exaggerated! 😀

I searched once more and if you guys knew me personally. You’d know how I am such a big fan of the British Royalty! Hurrah for HRH Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge! *fireworks* I happened to read an article of her secret oil used by her facialist to treat her skin during the time she was pregnant with HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. She loved it and so did her mum!

Isn't she beautiful!
Isn’t she beautiful!

Ecstatic as I was, I saw the brand Trilogy and their Rosehip oil. I tried to shoved it off thinking that there is none available here in the Philippines. Then out of plain curiosity, I just typed in the Google search engine the words, “Trilogy Rosehip Oil” “Philippine” “Reviews”. Lo, and behold I stumbled on and found out that there are two malls here in Manila who sell Trilogy and other New Zealand skin goodies! I also came across Lazada and learned that they too cater to it. 😀 It costs Php 1,300.00 here in Manila, both in Lazada and the said malls.

But during that time, we were all busy preparing for the Asian Trip, that I said I’d buy it when I returned. Then after reading more reviews about the product, I thought it impossible for Singapore not to have one. Gladly, we found Watsons-Raffles City and there we bought a 20ml bottle. Just in case you know…

Product Claims
Product Claims
Clinical Results
Clinical Results
Ingredients. Pure Rosehip Oil!
Ingredients. Pure Rosehip Oil!

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

But all my fears were soothe by this product. Yep! It didn’t fail my expectation. No wonder they got that Royal Seal of Approval. 😀 I tried it for 30 days, applying 2 drops at night, 1 drop in the mornings when I’m only staying at home, then 3 drops when I feel stressed out. Some of you might not be fond with the smell, but that is the normal smell of pure rosehips and trust me you’ll get used to it. Even after applying and massaging, the oil is quickly absorbed. I suggest start at two drops then increase to three once your skin is used to it.

Now, the product’s clinical test results claims to lessen 40% of the appearances of scars after a  twice a day usage for almost 4 months, even skin tone, hydrate and nourish. But since I only took 30 days to check if it would work on me, I am certainly not expecting any drastic change on the scars appearance. Nevertheless, I found plenty of good results.


Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

BEFORE: That is me. Bare-faced with all the nasty scars left.


Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

AFTER 30 Days: Subjectively, I noticed my scars where not as raging red as before. The redness has lessened. Pimples, in case some appear easily dry up after 2 or 3 days and I can leave the house bare-faced confidently! Objectively, my mum commented how my skin looked better than before. Which she rarely does! 🙂

Overall we’ll list the PROs and CONs:


  1. None greasy
  2. Leaves a hint of glow, especially in the morning
  3. Can be a stand alone moisturiser or booster
  4. Reduced my scars even only after 30 days of usage
  5. Helped dry up pimples
  6. I can go au natural 🙂
  7. Available here in the Philippines
  8. Good for combination-oily skinned people
  9. Certified ORGANIC and PURE
  10. Can be used all over your body or as a booster in your body lotion


  1. A bit expensive
  2. Weird smell (but it doesn’t bother me, though some might be)
  3. Once opened it is ONLY GOOD FOR 6 MONTHS
  4. During humid weather, only apply at night
  5. Has limited stores here in the Philippines.

I am happy with the results and will continue to use this product. Well done Trilogy!

For more information visit their IG, FB page and website. Click it here!

For the WellnessConnectNZ and Lazada.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

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Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.

Proverbs 31:30

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If there was one thing I learned in my 20’s, that is to learn to love yourself. To accept your physical flaws, your limitations, and take pride of your capabilities. Loving one’s self and accepting how special and unique you are. How marvellously you are made from your mother’s womb to the you today.

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I never took pride of myself, neither did I regarded myself as a beautiful person. I was haunted by the greed to look good in order to feel good hence I was drowned in my own misery. A quick sand of misery in which I made for myself when I started to look in the mirror and say, “I am not beautiful.” I would look on the magazines, the television, on my pretty classmates and compare those that I don’t have.

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I don’t have a fair skin, nor a high nose, a small lips, or that straight, bouncy hair. I don’t have that slim body frame, that small face, a blemish free cheeks, that smooth, supple legs or a height that I craved for. I wasn’t the girl in my class who made boys turn their heads. I was just plain me.

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I used to not care of my outward appearance. I strongly believed that beauty should come from within. Sadly, in a world we live in, beauty on the outside is at times highly regarded. I will never forget how sharp words can pierce a soul, can flop my self-esteem to it’s lowest point. I will never forget how one teacher in my school told me behind my back of how ugly I looked. It deeply hurt, it cut through me and thus my quest to look beautiful began.

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I tried all the products I could. I wanted this and I wanted that. But the more I became greedy to earn man’s praise, the more I lost. I have learned the hard way and would not want others to feel the same. The world is cruel to people who aren’t gifted with the kind of beauty that the media fancies, yet I can see people who stand out on their own. They have learned to love themselves, to accept who they are, because God made them that way.

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It took me a long time, but with age comes maturity. I have learned and am still learning, how words can hurt a lot so you have to choose your words, how at a young age children should be taught that beauty is not only in the face but it comes with the heart, how confidence and loving one’s self is no sin, how accepting your flaws doesn’t mean you won’t improve and how important it is to know that every individual in this world is specially created by the One above.

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I don’t want to see the youth struggling to be accepted and called beautiful by the society. You don’t need their praises, all you need is yours and to have it deeply rooted within you that you are beautiful. You have been wonderfully made.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!